February 2005

Abigail Story posted by Jon25 Feb 2005 07:28 pm

Once upon a time, there was a monkey and he was my best friend. There was a elephant. And then there was a lion and there was a polar bear, and I went to visit the zoo. The seals were juggling balls. I then went to the circus, when I was there I saw a girl high up on a string. Then we went to another show. Finally, we went home and watched T.V.

Today was a great day. I went to school. It was an exciting day because I went to many shows, came home, and went to school.

At school today there was a box, an alien approached out of it. We offered the alien hot tea and pancakes.

The End!


Abigail Story posted by Jon19 Feb 2005 10:59 am

Once upon a time …

There was a monkey that could hop on one foot. I liked him. I liked when he jumped on my bed.

One day we went to the monkey bars. Then we saw a whale. Then there was another monkey. Then we saw a dinosaur. The dinosaur was the monkey’s sister. The dinosaur liked to hop on one foot too! Then we ate cookies and fought a shark. A black and white squid came and suddenly we saw a bird house. Then the monkey lost his hat. We went back to school. We loved it!

The End!


Abigail Story posted by Jon16 Feb 2005 03:51 pm

I had to wear my pajamas to preschool. It was awsome. Almost everybody wore their pajamas, even the teachers. We played for a little bit and then we went downstairs. We made beds (well we just used blankets) and then read a story about monsters in the closet. We counted to three and screamed when the teachers opened the closets, except for one closet that had a sad monster in it. Then we went upstairs and played, but it was really short. Then we had breakfast for our snack. We had Cheerios. Then it was group time and we read another book. Then it was time to go. I love pajama days.


Abigail Story posted by Jon15 Feb 2005 08:06 pm

Once upon a time there was a Stegosaurus and a T-Rex eating and fighting, because sometimes T-Rex and Stegosaurus get into battles. Then the Brachiosaurus saw a Smilodon and ran. I saw their bones at the dinosaur museum. The End.

Abigail Breitenbucher Grandma Louise

Travels posted by Jon15 Feb 2005 05:18 pm

We had a very good weekend. We went to Easton in Columbus for some shopping. I had a fantastic Cashew Chicken at The Cheesecake Factory. Abigail got some educational games from the Apple store and a doll from the Build a Doll store. On the way back we stopped at the outlets and I got some really good deals on Haggar clothes. Kathy did all of her shopping on-line after we got home and ordered some nice stuff. Not sure what we’ll do when the new rain coat arrives.