August 2005

Abigail posted by Jon25 Aug 2005 10:33 pm

Abigail had her first day of school on Wednesday (8/24). I have some pictures here. She had a great time and will go back on 8/29 and then start full time on 9/1.

Albuquerque&Travels posted by Jon09 Aug 2005 02:07 pm

I’ve posted pictures from the trip here. Feel free to take a look. Even though Abigail was sick for a day and a half, we still managed to have some fun.

Albuquerque&Travels posted by Jon08 Aug 2005 01:43 pm

Well, our trip wasn’t exactly what we expected. It appears that Abigail was coming down with something when we left. She had some trouble on the plane as we entered Albuquerque and had trouble all that evening. On Thursday I got up and went to the convention center and she still wasn’t doing well. When I got back from the convention center Kathy and Abigail were gone. Shortly after that I got a call from Kathy telling me that she had taken Abigail to the ER. I got a cab as soon as I could and headed over. Abigail was on an IV and the diagnosis was dehydration brought on by the altitude and illness. She was in the ER all of Thursday afternoon getting fluids and something to help her stomach. When we got back to the hotel she started to perk up.

On Friday she started off with a headache, but recovered after some Motrin. She was pretty normal the rest of the day and we went to the Aquarium and Old Town. I went to some more sessions and we went back to Old Town for an authentic Mexican dinner. Kath had mole sauce and really liked it. I had a very good enchilada.

Saturday took us to the Zoo and Sandia Peak. The Zoo was OK and Abigail got some more animals. Kathy and I agreed that we could have gone without visiting Sandia Peak. The ride up made us a little wobbly and we spent all of 15 minutes on the peak at 10,000 + feet. We did get some cool pictures and it was neat to see the mountain and surrounding desert. We didn’t spot any animals and that bummed Abigail out, but she got some more trinkets which seemed to make up for it. We got some good pizza for dinner.

Sunday saw Abigail back to being her old self and we spent the entire day flying. Abigail had much better flights and they showed Madagascar on the plane, that made her whole trip. Atlanta had a big rain storm that delayed us by about 45 minutes, but we made it to Akron only 30 minutes behind schedule. We were home by 8:45 and Abigail was in bed by 10. She proceeded to sleep until 10 on Monday. I guess she was really wiped out.

Kathy and I agree that our next trip is going to be some packaged deal to Universal Studios or Disney World so that we don’t have to worry about anything.

Abigail Story&Albuquerque&Travels posted by Jon05 Aug 2005 08:39 pm

Today we went to the aquarium and saw sharks and lots of fish. I got a puffer fish. Then we went shopping and I got a road runner, an owl, pony, and princesses. Here is a story about them:

Once upon a time, there was a road runner. He ran into a puffer fish. He said, “Hello, Mr. Puffer. Want to travel?” Then they went to find Mrs. Purple Rain. They said, “Hello Mrs. Murphy. Would you like to travel with us?” She said, “Sure.” Road Runner went first, then Mr. Puffer, then Mrs. Murphy. They ran into Boulder the lion and said “Hello. Hello. Hello. Would you like travel with us?” “Sure,” said Boulder. They ran into Mr. Owl. “Hello, how’s it going? Has your Mommy gotten back?” “No,” said Mr. Owl, “My mommy left me.” “Would you like to travel with us?” Road Runner said. Mr. Owl said, “Sure, I would love to travel to see Mrs. Pony.” Road Runner said, “Hello Mrs. Pony. Would you like to travel with us?” “Sure, I would like to travel with you,” said Pony. Road Runner said, “I just have to run over and get Mr. Beaver.” “Would you like to travel with us Mr. Beaver?” “Of course I would,” said Mr. Beaver. “Help, help,” said the princesses. “I will save you.” said Road Runner. Road Runner jumped into the water and saved the princesses. “Thank you,” said the princesses. The end.