May 2006

Fritz posted by Jon17 May 2006 08:42 pm

Well, after much discussion, the name we picked is Freidrich von Breitenbucher or Fritz for short. It seems to fit him. He is going to the office with me and meeting lots of people. He is fantastic and gives everyone kisses. He’ll be Abigail’s show and tell on Friday.

Basement posted by Jon17 May 2006 08:28 pm

We are to the finishing stage. I took some pictures of the walls when they were primed and with the final color. There are a few more finishing things to be done and the carpet goes in on Friday. We’ll have furniture on Wednesday and cable on Thursday. I’ll put up pictures of the finished project before furniture and after.

Fritz posted by Jon07 May 2006 02:15 pm

“It’s cute,” says Abigail. She’s right. He is very cute. I’ll post a picture in a day or two. We’ll be able to pick him up on the 16th. He has to see the vet and get his shots first.

We got the puppy from The Pets Pajamas, a petshop that sells puppies from local breeders. He is a Lhasa Apso and Poodle mix or a Lhasa-poo. His coat is apricot and curly.

We’re trying to come up with names. Some options are Moeg, Mobius, Murray, Trig, Wensleydale, Amerreto …

Update: We couldn’t wait so here are some pictures. We are thinking his name is going to be Cinnamon.

Basement posted by Jon06 May 2006 10:10 pm

The finisher and two of his sons were here today to wrap up the dry wall. They have done a fantastic job and matched the existing texture in the stairwell very nicely. If we painted the stariwell you’d never know that the basement was finished all along. Tomorrow is the puppy show.