We had a really fun day today. We started by going to Reagan Park in Medina. We weren’t too impressed. Kathy and Abigail took some pictures of leaves and Fritz and I went in the woods. Fritz and I saw a snake. Well, I saw the snake and then after I stopped Fritz noticed it. So much for the superior dog senses.

After that we went to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. What a neat place. We parked at the Happy Day site and were just going to walk the .5 mile trail by the lodge. However, we took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up walking the big trail which was 1.75 miles. All told Fritz and I walked about 3.5 miles today. While on our walk Fritz saw a creek and I took him in to it. He had a blast. He could have spent the whole time in the water. Kathy took more pictures of leaves and of us. Abigail also had a great time and walked the whole thing. I’ve got some photos below.