Home posted by Jon12 Jun 2006 10:01 am

As part of the basement project we got a new kitchen table and a love seat for upstairs. We also got a funky chandelier for the dining room.

Abigail posted by Jon12 Jun 2006 09:53 am

Vic took Abigail out in the Crosley before it goes up for sale. She had a blast and then wanted to go for a ride in the motorcylce. It has a side car and I think that one was a little bumpy for her.

Fritz posted by Jon12 Jun 2006 09:41 am

I snapped some more shots of Fritz. He has doubled in size in a little over three weeks. He is just soooo cute!

Basement posted by Jon12 Jun 2006 09:20 am

Well, the basement is done. I added some pictures to flickr and I’ll post them here as well.

Basement posted by Jon06 Jun 2006 12:27 am

I took about an hour to through together a slideshow of the project. It is big (112 MB) so it may take a while to load. It should come up in a new window.

Basement slideshow

Fritz posted by Jon17 May 2006 08:42 pm

Well, after much discussion, the name we picked is Freidrich von Breitenbucher or Fritz for short. It seems to fit him. He is going to the office with me and meeting lots of people. He is fantastic and gives everyone kisses. He’ll be Abigail’s show and tell on Friday.


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