We went to the pool and then I had to go to the potty. Then we went to breakfast and supper. And then I got a rubber chicken and bubble gum. We went to a pool with swirly water and a whirlpool. We rode a convey over the whirlpool like the Wild Thornberry’s.

Kathy’s Notes: We had breakfast at the hotel. From there we drove to the botanical gardens and walked around. Then we drove to the floral clock and took pictures. We rode the aero car over the whirlpool and stopped at a tourists place to buy gifts. We went to Fridays for lunch and walked to the incline railway. We got really wet on the way so we bought raincoats and saw the Horseshoe Falls. We came back to the hotel and went swimming. We then went miniature golfing at the dinosaur golf course and had dinner at Boston Pizza. We had dessert at the Coke store and called it a night.